Media roundup – November 2018




  • 16 Nov: Ten library tips for teens and young people (NZ) would be valid for teens anywhere
  • 15 Nov: IFLA at the Internet Governance Forum 2018: Libraries Central to Building a Trusted Internet ”Libraries were well placed to help communities to get into action. They could offer solutions to practical problems, a space for coordination between community members, leadership in new initiatives, and training in how to take advantage of new possibilities.”
  • 14 Nov: “Calgary’s New Central Library is an example of the best practices in modern monument making” (Canada) “It is remarkable how, all around the world, libraries have become the main focus of civic activity. While they were always places that acted as access points to knowledge, they have in recent years turned into social centres, community halls, theatres, museums, and even a species of indoor park (this last function mainly of use to the homeless and socially disadvantaged), all rolled into one. They have also become the most active and active structure in many communities, the one public building that defines and serves neighbourhoods or whole cities without charging you for a cup of coffee or waiting until you are sick.”
  • 13 Nov: Learning Lessons from DPLA the Digital Public Library of America – laying off staff and a change in strategic direction. Previously focused on aggregating and curating special collections and a technical approach that made sense for the web, now appears to be pivoting more towards ebook distribution systems.
  • 9 Nov: Constructive Confrontation: Being Decisive Rather than Nice (Public Libraries Online) strategies for dealing with challenging library patrons.
  • Feb: A librarian’s case against overdue book fines (TED talk) Librarian from the US makes the case (talk dates from Feb 2018 – just appeared in alert!)






Could you help strengthen local youth services? Invitations to tender.

As part of the Building Connections Fund Youth strand (in partnership with Government), the Co-op Foundation is inviting tenders from organisations with the right skills and expertise to deliver two key contracts to tackle youth loneliness by strengthening local youth services.
Two invitations to tenders opened on 6 November 2018, for:
Up to £85,000 (including VAT) to develop and support the ‘Belong’ Learning Network.
Up to £150,000 (including VAT) to develop a suite of resources aimed at improving the capabilities of youth workers and youth organisations to tackle loneliness.
Both contracts will run to the end of March 2021. Organisations can tender for one or both of these.
Tender responses must be submitted by midday on Monday 3 December 2018. Contracts will start in January 2019. Please visit the Coop Foundation’s website for more information.

Funding Opportunity

NESTA’s Amplified aimed at UK’s cultural and creative community

On 2nd October 2018, NESTA launched Amplified which offers funding and support to develop digital ideas that improve the lives of others.

Aimed at cultural and creative organisations, not-for-profit or commercial, to come up with a digital idea that addresses a social challenge and produces a social benefit. Your idea can be local or global, as long as it has a real world benefit.  Ideas need to be both original and impactful to make it past the first stage of the application process.

To find out more visit:

Back to Basics – Webinar Recording

View the recording of the Back to Basics webinar:

This Webinar was delivered by Darrell Porter, Sheffield Libraries. The webinar will cover

  • Building a positive working relationship with the local authority

  • Developing an understanding of what it is like to work/voluneer in a library

  • The need to understand the shape your service will take

  • The importance of developing a strong committee and a solid base of volunteers (including training)

  • Consulting with your community and working to get them on board with the library

  • Getting connected with other Community Managed Libraries

  • Universal Offers


Communications and Social Media – Webinar Recording

View the recording of the Communications and Social Media webinar:

This two hour webinar facilitated by Julia Chandler, Communications Lead, Libraries Taskforce and Leigh Ogden, Programme Development Manager, Upper Norwood Library Hub is open to staff, volunteers, trustees, people who work in/support community managed libraries, independent libraries and those who receive local authority support and trusts and communities aspiring to implement community managed libraries. The session offers:

  • Practical hints and tips for promoting your library
  • Insights into digital channels

The session is also informed by examples and learning from the CML sector, helping participants and their organisations devise and implement effective communication and social media strategies.


Community Engagement and Volunteering – Webinar Recording

View the recording of the Community Engagement and Volunteering webinar:

The webinar was facilitated by Kathryn Roper, Membership Developer at Locality and is open to staff, volunteers, trustees, people who work in/support community managed libraries, independent libraries and those who receive local authority support and trusts and communities aspiring to implement community managed libraries.  The session will focus on

Community Engagement

  • Harnessing community support
  • Involving your community in decision making
  • Planning
  • Managing community challenges/issues
  • Social media/communication
  • Fundraising


  • Recruitment and selection of volunteers
  • Working with volunteers
  • Sompe practical tools/tips
  • Learning from others’ experience
  • Involving volulnteers in strategic decision making
  • Volunteer strategy

The session is also informed by live case studies, learning and experiences from the CML sector, helping paticipants and their organiations devise and implement effective community engagement and volunteering plans, processes and strategies.

Business Planning – Webinar Recording

View the recording of the Business Planning webinar:

The webinar was facilitated by John Dawson @ Locality and is aimed at aspiring, developing and advanced Community Managed Libraries looking to create a dynamic and robust business plan for their organisation.  The session will explore the following:

  • Viability not Liability
  • Understanding the value of Community Assets
  • The main components of your business plan 
  • Using a Balanced Scorecard approach   
  • The finances – key concepts   
  • Managing Risk   
  • Q/A

At the end of the session you will be able to write a strong purpose for your plan, develop core values, lock down a 1 – 3 year vision, define how you want your organisation to be viewed both internally and externally, identify critical success factors and establish a clear road map for your organisation.

Community Asset Transfer (CAT) – Webinar Recording

View the recording of the Community Asset Transfer webinar:

This two hour webinar on Community Asset Transfer (CAT) explores:

  • The context – what’s happening nationally?

  • The basics – asset or liability?

  • Understanding your community and its needs

  • Get legally organised

  • Understand the CAT process in your area

  • The business plan

  • To own or lease?

  • Q/A

The webinar was hosted by Stephen Rolph, Head of Community Enterprise and Assets.  Locality are well known experts in the area of CAT.


The Community Managed Libraries (CML) Peer Network: Who we are, What we do and How we can support you!

Mon 10 September 2018
11:00am – 12:15pm

The Community Managed Libraries Peer Network came into existence in 2016 with support from the Network’s partners – Locality, the Libraries Taskforce and the Society for Chief Librarians (SCL) and funding from Power to Change, the organisation set up to grow and support community businesses in England.

Following 18 months of intensive work to set up and promote the Network, we now have have further support from Power to Change to develop a regional presence, formalise a membership programme; develop a strategy setting out how we plan to achieve financial stability and to embed learning from community businesses into CML activities.

This FREE webinar run by some of the Network’s members is open to CMLs, independents as well as those who receive local authority support.

  • They will  provide an overview of the CML Peer Network, what it does and benefits of being a Network member

  • Explore with you ways in which we can work more closely with and support CMLs

  • Share with  you all our forthcoming events, network meetings and our priorities for the year and beyond.

  • Set out how to contribute ideas towards our shared learning activities, business plan and membership programme

CML Peer Network Blog Page:


For more information and to book your place: