We are Still Here!

Thank you all very much for your patience! I know we have not shared any communication with you all recently and the reason is because we have been working hard to identify further funding to

  • formalise the Peer Network and build a sustainable future for the Network
  • establish a membership programme
  • grow our presence regionally
  • embed community business principles into community managed libraries and
  • increase shared learning opportunities.

    More detailed information will be shared with you all in the coming months.  In the meantime, we have provided brief updates below including a request for ideas for our webinars, membership programme, regional networks and more.

    If you wish to contact us, have a question, or have a suggestion, please email them to communitylibs@unlt.org. If you know of any new CMLs in your community who would benefit from being involved in the Network, please ask them to contact communitylibs@unlt.org.

    Funding from Power to Change
    Good News!  As you all know, Power to Change, the organisation set up to grow and support community businesses in England is supporting us again for one year to create a sustainable Peer Network and to increase our regional Presence.

    To get the work off to a good start, we have convened a small Shadow Board made up of a representative group of CMLs. Members are already working very hard to formalise the Network and to ensure there is a range of Networking and shared learning opportunities for CMLs.

    We will be sharing further information about the Shadow board members including their roles and responsibility areas in the next month. We will also share with you our programme of activities for the year, including webinars and networking events.

    Articles and Blogs
    We are keen to share blogs and articles of interest to other CMLs. If you wish to write a blog about your organisation or a programme of work you are involved in to inform and inspire other CMLs please do contact us via communitylibs@unlt.org

    Membership Programme
    We are looking to establish a membership programme for CMLs, the details are being worked on now. We welcome ideas for what we could include in the membership programme, eg discount on our conference etc.  We will also share further information about the membership programme over the coming month.

    We are keen to engage as many CMLs and their supporters as members, if you know of any please do ask them to contact us at communitylibs@unlt.org

    We are sometimes approached by CMLs looking for some advice or copies of organisational policies. If you are willing to share your policies, we can put them up on the blog to help other CMLs.

    Regional Networks
    We are keen to learn more about CMLs nationally, including regional networks which currently exist, as well as areas looking to set up or in the middle of setting up a regional CML network.  Please share more with us through communitylibs@unlt.org

    TWINE – an Intelligence Platform for Community Businesses
    We are hoping to run some webinar based sessions about TWINE, an intelligence platform designed for community businesses.  If you wish to find out more about TWINE email communitylibs@unlt.org. Details about any shared learning events we organise will be available on the blog site and through Eventbrite.

    Webinars and Networking Events
    Webinars:  we also want to know if there are any webinars or learning events you feel will be of benefit to your organisation or other CMLs. if you have any suggestions one please email communitylibs@unlt.org with your suggestions.

    Networking events: If you are hosting any relevant networking events in your community, and you think it will be of benefit to other CMLs please do let us know via communitylibs@unlt.org


Many Thanks

CML Peer Network team


One thought on “We are Still Here!

  1. One thought – if people are Ok with sharing their policies, we can link them into the TF CML toolkit with their permission – will need to know if they are happy to do so, and if yes, if they want anything anonymised.


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    On 10 August 2018 at 14:24, Community Managed Libraries Network wrote:

    > communitylibrariesnetwork posted: “Thank you all very much for your > patience! I know we have not shared any communication with you all recently > and the reason is because we have been working hard to identify further > funding to formalise the Peer Network and build a sustainable future for” >


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