Seasons Greetings and More!

Thank you to everyone for your wonderful support in 2018.  Below is a recap on some of the things we did or started in 2018:

  • 1st CML Peer Network Conference, March 2018, Sheffield, over 70 attendees
  • Over 90 people participated in 9 webinar/face to face sessions
  • Further support from Power to Change to create a sustainable peer Network and a regional presence
  • Work started to formalise our status, as a Charity
  • Initial support by 4 students from CASS Business School to develop a membership model

More to look forward to in 2019, includes

  • Practical Bid Writing Workshop, London, 30th January 2019
  • Developing a robust Business Plan, 5 March 2019, venue TBC
  • Community Engagement and Volunteers, 24 April 2019, venue North TBC
  • The Law – Assets, Governance and Trustees, 4 June 2019 venue TBC
  • Second CML Peer Network Conference

Plus some webinars on Community Businesses, Impact, Equality and Diversity and Business Development.

Thank you for your ongoing support and Merry Christmas and a Successful 2019.


2 thoughts on “Seasons Greetings and More!

  1. Dear CML Network

    First of all a Happy Christmas to you all.

    Here in Northamptonshire the current plans of our county council are to create 22 community-managed libraries. The Judicial Review that took place in late July 2018 was successful in calling a halt to the independent library process but the inevitability of c-m libraries remains.

    As Director and Chair of the 21 Group Libraries Network in the county, I have promoted the work that CMLN does and some 21GLN members have joined your Network. I have ensured that people know about the Bid Writing Workshop on 30th January but for most of us it will not be possible to attend, partly because of the location and the cost of train travel. With 22 (a further one has been added recently) libraries now planned to be run and managed by volunteers would there be any possibility that you could consider re-running the workshop here in Northamptonshire some time in the late Spring or Summer? I would be happy to locate a venue for you – possibly on our university’s new Waterside Campus.

    Your events planned for 5th March and 24th April will, I am sure, also interest volunteers from Northamptonshire, especially if the venues are north of London.

    I look forward to hearing from you – no doubt after Christmas.

    Kind regards

    Alison Richards
    Director and Chair, 21 Group Libraries Network (Northamptonshire)

    (01604) 499060



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