Award Nomination plus Network Meeting taking place on 11 March 2021 @ 10.30am

Colleagues I hope you are all safe and well. We will be sending round a more detailed Newsletter in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, a few brief updates:

Do you know someone amongst our CML community who has demonstrated outstanding innovative, imaginative or impressive service over a period? If you do you may consider nominating them for an award? Read on for further information.  

“Nominating someone for an award

The Honours process provides a great opportunity to recognise outstanding individual achievements, and highlight the impressive work going on across public libraries all over the country that makes a significant positive difference to the lives of other people. 

To get an honour, people should have:

  • made a real impact in their community or workplace
  • gained the respect of their peers
  • changed things for the better
  • demonstrated innovation or entrepreneurship
  • exemplified the very best sustained and selfless voluntary service

Honours are not confined to people at senior levels, or those working nationally – nominations are especially welcome for people working at the frontline who have made a real difference locally too. And anyone (individual or organisation) can nominate someone whose work or efforts they think should be recognised in this way. 

Here’s how to nominate someone for a national honour; the Honours and Appointments Secretariat would love to hear from you. “

Network Meeting, 11 March 2021 @ 10.30am – Guest Speaker Sarah Mears, Libraries Connected

We also have a brief update about our next Network Meeting, Chaired by Richard Fowler, Community Managed Libraries Peer Network Trustee (and from the Harbury Village Library & Biblio’s Cafe) .

The meeting will take place on 11th March, our guest Speaker is Sarah Mears, Libraries Connected.

Sarah will share some thoughts on recovery/re-opening, safely restoring events and activities, and also share information about the Accreditation Framework for English Public Libraries. You can register for the Network Meeting HERE.

Thank you.


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