Our aim is to give community managed libraries access to the advice and support they need to run their libraries effectively

Who we are

We are a peer network covering the full spectrum of Community Managed Libraries (CMLs) – from independently funded to those who receive local authority support. We are supported by the Society of Chief Librarians, the Libraries Taskforce, Locality and Power to Change.

We are set up to help trustees or people who work in community managed libraries but we also welcome members from:

  • Those wishing to set up a CML or from community groups exploring the possibilities further;
  • Those who liaise with and support community managed libraries within council library services;
  • Organisations or individuals who are involved in supporting community managed libraries in other capacities.

Our Aims

We want libraries in community management to thrive – each at the heart of their community, run by their community, providing a wide range of benefits for their community.  We want them to:

  • Be aware of, and able to grasp, funding opportunities;
  • Provide mutual support and learning;
  • Operate as effectively as possible, to make them sustainable in the long term;
  • Be respected for their contribution to community life, through effective delivery of outcomes such as those set out in the Libraries Deliver: Ambition document

Why Join Us?

By joining our peer network, you can:

  • Participate in a range of FREE face to face and online learning events, designed by CMLs and delivered by CMLs and including speakers from leading experts from the voluntary, social and library sectors;
  • Connect with, and get advice and support from others across the libraries sector;
  • Gain insight into some of the creative, enterprising and innovative things other libraries are doing;
  • Attend our FREE national conference planned on 20 March 2018, focussed on the interests and needs of CMLs;
  • Add your voice to ours and put CMLs on the radar of public, national and local decision makers, and other parts of the library sector;
  • Draw on learning and good working practice from other peer networks.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be put on our mailing list and we’ll keep you updated on everything we do. You’ll also have access to information about fundraising and development opportunities, research reports and much more.


It’s easy!  Simply by signing up to this blog (on the right hand side of this page) you will become a part of our network of community managed libraries. We will then keep you updated through our blog and our monthly newsletter.


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